Windscreens for classic cars

Windscreens for classic cars


Classic cars are old cars with a soul, that are often recognized easily. Many of these cars have a unique style, and some brand have even recreated these styles in new models.

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We can provide windscreens for most classic cars. Some we have in stock, and some we can obtain from our partners. 

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Classic Cars

Many classic cars have their own style and stands out from the crowd. People we encounter often describe the classic cars, as cars with a soul. Back when these cars where on the road, the old cars almost had their own personality and soul, and they were recognizable from far away. Over time, cars have started to look more alike, and it has become harder to tell what models belong to which brand and so on. This only makes these classic cars stand out even more nowadays, and they still make heads turn when they show up on the roads or at exhibitions. Some brands have even chosen to make new models inspired by these classic old cars, examples of this are the Volkswagen Beetle and the Fiat 500.

Many of the old cars that are considered classics, also have some form of historical significance or associations attached to it. Many classic cars are associated with a specific time or event in history, like the Volkswagen Beetle that was commissioned as the “people’s car” by Adolf Hitler back in the 1930’s, or the Trabant from East Germany, back when Germany was separated by the Berlin wall.

Today, many of these old cars are owned by collectors, and some are exhibited at museums, some private collectors might even open their doors to let people have a look at their collection. Most of these old classic cars are rarely driven today to keep them in as good condition as possible, although they do need a drive here and there to make sure they are still able to drive. The classic cars are often used for occasional driving, at weddings for example