Windscreens for vintage cars

Windscreens for vintage cars


Vintage cars are cars that are more than 35 years old. Many associate the word with really old cars from the very early ages of car history.

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We can provide windscreens for most vintage cars. Some we have in stock, and some we can obtain from our partners. 

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Vintage Cars

Many people we encounter associate vintage cars with cars from the 60’s and earlier, even though in Denmark, they are officially vintage cars as soon as they are 35 years old, which means a car from the 80’s could also be considered vintage.

In Denmark, a car is automatically considered vintage, when it’s 35 years old, which mostly affects the insurance rules. When a car is 30 years old, it can be insured as a vintage car, but as soon as the car is 35 years old, it automatically becomes a vintage car.

Some people collect all sorts of vintage cars, but there are also many collectors who mostly collect cars from a specific time period or brand. Although many collectors rarely drive their old cars, the cars that have just officially become vintage cars, are usually driven more often. This is because these cars are usually still very functionable and reliable, but at the same time, they are very cheap compared to new cars.

The people we encounter, that are passionate about these cars that have just officially become vintage, are often very young, compared to the people that are passionate about cars from older time periods. We speculate that it’s because younger people are not used to seeing these 35-year-old cars on the roads. For the older generations, these cars are just boring everyday cars, that they saw all the time when they were younger, although these cars still might bring memories back from their youth.