Windscreens for oldtimers

Windscreens for oldtimer cars


Oldtimers are cars that are more than 35 years old. These cars does not belong to a specific time period or style, but the word oldtimer can be used to describe any car that is more than 35 years old.

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We can provide windscreens for most oldtimer cars. Some we have in stock, and some we can obtain from our partners. 

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Oldtimer is a broad term for old cars, that covers all vehicles that are more than 35 years old. The term doesn’t specify a specific age group or type of cars, and the term is widely used within the automotive industry. Many equate the term oldtimer with vintage cars, as they generally mean the same thing.

In our experience, a lot of the people we encounter, associate the word oldtimer with the really old cars from the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, even though cars from the 70’s or 80’s can also be described using the oldtimer term.

Many collectors are fascinated by the history of these oldtimer cars. If you take a look at some of the old cars from different time periods, you can really see the evolution of cars through time. We often encounter people who are fascinated by this, and many people are especially fascinated by the evolution of a specific car brand, or a specific time period. In our experience, collectors will often have a collection where this shows, where they only collect oldtimers from a specific car brand or from a certain time period.